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Cyber Range

A comprehensive training & simulation platform designed to provide with the opportunity to simulate real-world-cyber-attacks to test their security posture. It provides a safe and controlled environment to test and improve security measures against foreign intrusions. It offers a variety of training scenarios, ranging from basic security awareness training to advanced red team/blue team exercises.

CTF Platform (PAAP)

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a wholly own developed Platform as a Product (PAAP) by AirOverflow. We build challenges and develop and deploy them in a gamified scenarios that are designed to simulate real-world situations that cybersecurity professionals may encounter. The challenges cover a range of topics, including file analysis, network traffic analysis, memory analysis, and more. Our CTF platform can be used for individual training or as part of a team-based training program. It provides a challenging, interactive, and safe environment for individuals or teams to practice and improve their digital forensics skills, which can help organizations to better protect themselves against cyber threats.